Katharine (Kate) Johnson

Kate is a PhD candidate in the Geography department. Her background is in archaeology, and she considers herself a human-environment geographer and an archaeologist. Broadly speaking she is interested in understanding the dynamics between historic human settlement, land use patterns, and the landscape & environment, and how these complex feedbacks can be mapped, analyzed, and quantified using a variety of technologies ranging from remote sensing, to 3D analysis and visualization. Kate’s current research at UConn focuses specifically on identifying and geospatially analyzing historic land use features in southern New England using LiDAR and other technologies. Kate is also interested in all things geospatial technology, and how these technologies can assist in a more comprehensive understanding of landscape histories and people’s perceptions of those landscapes. She currently works as a Geospatial Data & Web Development Specialist for the UConn Libraries Map and Geographic Information Center and Connecticut State Data Center. See the research page for more information about Kate’s research.


Certificate in Geospatial Information Technology, University of Massachusetts Boston (2011)

M.A. Historical Archaeology, University of Massachusetts Boston (2009)

B.A. Anthropology and B.A. Art History, University of Rhode Island (2006)

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